Contested Configuration is an animated narrative using GIS and After Effects to explore the physical dimensions of the political conflict in the Strait of Hormuz.            

While the potential (and existing) conflicts that exist in the Strait of Hormuz have been discussed extensively, explanations, especially from the American perspective, typically focus on conflicts and instability in the political arena. Taking advantage of physical geographical data and the ability to portray the story in time, this project explores three physical aspects of the oil/gas shipping industry. One, shorter distance is paramount in transport, making the Strait essential for delivering large quantities of oil to various markets around the world cheaply. Two, the narrowness of the strait, combined with tanker speed, means that there is a cap on the maximum volume of oil that can be moved, adding further pressure to maintain the integrity and openness of the route. Lastly, laws governing boundaries on the sea overlap, placing ships in a precarious situation as they may potentially sail through enemy waters.

Using 3D modeling and animation, the video paints a portrait of the potential for conflict that a narrow passage engenders.